GOD MADE FUN - Jeff Hindman Band & Jeremy Lee
Audio CD

God Made Fun is full of songs specifically written for kids!   We believe that God is the author of good, clean fun and that He uses kids to remind us of that fact!  We wanted to create music that speaks the language of FUN!  The songs are upbeat, worshipful, and point kids to Christ.  You will hear some familiar songs, as well as a few new ones.  The CD features the Jeff Hindman Band, along with two introductions by Jeremy Lee.

Track List:

  1. Gorilla Man Gun
  2. Ain't No Rock
  3. God Made Fun
  4. Open the Eyes of My Heart
  5. Loving You
  6. I Worship You
  7. Mercy Is Falling
  8. Lord's Army
  9. From Anutha Mutha

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Price: $10.00


TIMBUKTOONS - Scripture Shorts Vol. 1
"The One With the Camel"
DVD Video

"Scripture Shorts" are exactly what they sound like: they're short...and they have Scripture! Each is a brief object lesson for children that includes a "Short Sheet" (lesson plan) that quickly gives leaders an overview of how to use the animation.

The Word of the Lord gives life. The Bible describes the one who meditates on the Word as a tree planted by streams of water that bears fruit in season and with leaves that don't die. "Scripture Shorts" are a fun and exciting new tool that helps children hide this life giving Word in their hearts...it's like water for their thirsty soul!

Includes 5 cartoons and
5 fully developed lesson plans with activities!

Product Code: TDVD1
Price: $18.95