One of the staples for our ministry, both in the Youth and Kidz divisions, are theme weekends and events. A core value that Revolution Ministries holds dear is to not just minister to the students, but also help meet the needs of ministers. Theme weekends are a great way to put feet to that value.

The theme weekends can take a lot of the planning off the plate of the local church minister. This allows for more time spent by the minister meeting the needs of his or her students rather than handling the details.

A theme weekend has a pre-planned focus. With this focus, there is a curriculum study that will lead students through what God’s word has to say about that theme. Messages that enhance the curriculum are prepared by the speaker, and worship is geared around the theme. Also, t-shirts can be provided for each event and even be customized to meet your need.

Theme Weekend

Live Loud is one of our theme weekends, targeting teenagers. Its content relates to both churched and unchurched youth. With Live Loud, we can provide any or all of the following: Student Books, Leader Books, T-Shirts (designed specifically for your event), Promotional Materials, Speaker, and Worship Leader/Band.

Live Loud is a call to students to live an authentic faith on a circumstance free basis. Live Loud is not about a volume level, but about a life completely sold out to the Lord.

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"Opposites Attract "
Theme Weekend

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